‚ÄčMy name is Chian Reynolds, the founder of The Women's Revolution. I am a passionate women dedicated to empowering all females. The goal is to build women up to become stronger. Not only will this help the fundamental change to help women, but it will help the change for men too.

I am a feminist, unfortunately being classed as a feminist has a very bad stigma with it these days. It's important that you all know that feminism stands for women's equality, we deserve the same human rights just as much as men. Not only does this support women but it also helps a lot of men with the "gender role stereotype". Not all men have to be physically strong, men shouldn't have to hold in all their feelings because being emotional is a sign of weakness. women are classed as "being emotional" as if it's a bad thing, when it's not, we are amazing, we're equally as strong that's why this is very important that you all understand this. We need to make the change and help ourselves. Our little girls need to become stronger. So being called a "girl" is a less offensive word. We need this to stop us from being discriminated against by men, and to help our boys know it's okay to be emotionally switched on and sensitive. We need to let them know it's okay to express themselves because it still makes them a man.

I believe in self value. We cannot give up and we need to realise that our opinions and happiness are fundamental to making this change. We as women have to realise that we are strong, beautiful and capable of anything. I want to help build your confidence. I am here to help you.



- 1 in 4 women will require treatement for depression at some point in their lives

- 9 out of 10 women want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance

- On average two women a week are killed by a violent partner or ex partner in the UK

I believe that together we can put an end to this and make a change. Believing in ourselves, realising our potential and self worth. We have the power to make a difference!

Future Plans

Right now as it stands, TWR is a blog but in the near future we will be holding up workshops and presentations to build knowledge and confidence and help support one another. Not only will they be empowering they will be educational too.

The Women's Revolution

Founder: Chian Reynolds

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Founded: 2014


Here at The Women's Revolution (TWR) our vision is to inspire and help you to believe in yourself and reach your full potential.

I offer one to one personal coaching to help you create and achieve goals which leads you to living a better lifestyle.

I want every woman to reach their goals and get the best out of life, whilst feeling happy, We help women achieve more out of life. This includes building your confidence, finding your self worth, increasing productivity, improving social skills and emotional intelligence.

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I wanted to dedicate this blog post to all the men of the world.

All the women reading this I hope you share this with every male in your life and you teach this to your children.

It's important you listen to what I'm saying and adapt this to your life. This will be the only way to help ourselves as women and that's by protecting our men.

As children growing up our brothers were always told to not cry. They are told to "man up" and show no emotion.

we're all guilty, we all have at some point in ourlives just dusted this issue under the carpet and neglected these little boys that need us.

I have a little boy in my life that I need to apologise to. My Nephew. 


I am sorry.

I am sorry for all the times you have fallen over and myself and others have picked you up and dusted off your knees and told you was a brave and just dismissed your tears.

I'm sorry for all the times adults have ignored your tears when you're upset or hurting.

I'm sorry for the way society paints boys to be these strong macho beings.

I'm sorry for you and all your friends at school being pushed into football when sometimes all you want to do is play dress up with yours sisters or cousins. It's not fair for us to make you believe you aren't strong if you cry. I'm sorry you are told boys don't cry. Because BOYS DO CRY. BOYS CAN CRY..

Oliver. you are a brave boy. You are a big boy. You can cry. I am here for you..

We can't bring men down and blame them for their behaviour. We need to help them. The children are our future for a better world and it's time we showed them they can express themselves.

How many grown men do we know that will hold in their emotions and not cry?

Men don't cry because they have been conditioned into believing that their emotions don't matter.

Did you know that 4 out of 5 suicides are by men. That's 78%

Men are told not to deal with their emotions so when they are down and sad who are they supposed to talk to? They hold it in and bottle it up. it's not fair. We have to take responsibility and help them and show them it's okay to deal with their emotions.

Any men reading this, I hope you understand that speaking about your emotions is a good thing. We are here to listen and I will never belittle you for being honest with your emotions. It's actually a very attractive thing to find a man so honest and switched on with there emotions.

I will no longer tolerate any person to dismiss our brothers emotions. Dismissing mens emotions leads to frustrated men that have a lot of issues.  Anger problems that can influence ill behaviour towards eachother and women. in order for us to protect our women, we need to protect our men. show them that being able to express emotion will make them the strongest men and boys they can be.

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The Women's Revolution

What is The Women's Revolution?

The Women's revolution is a blog that encourages and supports young girls and women to practice and teach self love whilst uplifting and empowering one anther at the same time. It's about spreading the knowledge by educating women of our rights with historical facts with present knowledge and understanding to help realise how far we have come and how far we can go. It's all about breaking the glass ceiling and leading by example. The Womens Revolution is more than a blog. This is the Next Generational Movement!