Together we stand, Together we march


The Women's Revolution

Saturday 21st Janurary, what a phenomenal day it was in London. I marched along with my daughter and 100,000 other men, women and children to support womens rights for equality of the sex's.

As a parent this was a very special moment for me, to have the chance to show my daughter how important it is to stand up for what you believe in. Showing her if you stand up for whats right you will never be alone. being able to have her there actually marching along this solidarity moment was honestly so overwelming for me.

we walked hand in hand and was exposed to such beauty of the world that we seem to forget about. Seeing all these people with different genders,races, religions all come together for the same reason.

although my daughter is only 6 years old and doesnt quite understand the complete depth on gender inequality

being there was a great confidence boost for her. Inorder to change the world we have to start looking at ourselves and make sure we are setting a good example to our future children and take full responsibilty for all children on this earth.

if we taught children from a young age about equality then the division wouldn't be made. our little boys have alot more opportunties and its time we took a stand and changed that.

Being there, showed me exatly what Power of the People really is. if we could all try and keep this fire driving force within us on our everyday lives we could really break these glass ceilings we have upon us.