Facts and Statistics on Gender Inequality 

Women and Work

Pay gap

  • The full time gender pay gap is 10% and the average part time pay gap is 34.5% 
  • it is estimated that for each year a mother is absent from the workplace her future wages will reduce by 5% 
  • 54% of women working part time have been found to be "epmloyed beloe their potentional" which amounts to 2.8 million women.
  • approximately 70% of people in national mimimum wage jobs are women.

Discrimination at work

  • women make up only 17% board directors of FTSE 100 companies 
  • up to 30,00 women aresacked each year simply for being pregnant,each yeat an estimated 440,000 women loose out on pay or promotion as a result of pregnancy.
  • it is estimated that the UK would gain up to £23 billion (the equivalent to 2% of GDP) by better harnessing womens skills in employment.
  • A study by the fawcett society found that 51% of women and men from middle management to director level identify stereotyping as the major hurdle facing women at work.

The Women's Revolution

Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)

  • on average two women are killed by a violent partner or ex partner in the uk
  • up to 3 million women and girls across the uk experience rape, domestic violence, stalking or other violence each year.
  • almost 1 in 3 girls have expeirnced unwanted sexual touching at school.
  • an estimated 66,000 women in england and wales in 2001 had been subject to female genital mutilation (FGM) and atleast 24,000 girls were at risk of FGM in 2007.
  • Black Minority Ethnic (BME) and migrant women expeirence a disproportionate rate of domestic homeicide 
  • in 2011 the forced marriage unit advised over 1,450 people related to a possible forced marriage 78% of whom were women and girls.
  • The ecomocmic cost to society and the emotional cost to victims of VAWG is estimated to exceed to exceed £40 billion a year in the uk. This includes costs to health and social services, the criminal justice system, lost ecomic outputs and monetary proxies for human and emotional costs. 

Attitudes towards VAWG

  • 36% of people that belive that a woman should be held wholly or partly responsible for being sexually assaulted or raped if she was drunk and 26% believe this if she was in public wearing sexy or revealing clothes.
  • 1 in 5 people think it would be acceptable in certain circumstances for a man to hit or slap his female partner in response to her being dressed in sexy or revealing clothing in public 
  • only 77% of young men agree that having sex with someone who has said no is rape.